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Other Nutrition Issues

High Blood Pressure / High Cholesterol

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are some of the most common conditions we see in the clinics. These conditions are what we consider "lifestyle" conditions, meaning we can avoid or improve them through our day-to-day actions. This includes what we eat and how active we are.

In general, cutting down on processed foods, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and avoiding sugary drinks and the key points of healthy dietary change. 

Some people find that more intensive dietary changes are needed, like swapping to a "flexitarian" diet. We can help with these changes too.

Food Intolerance

Other Nutrition Issues

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Reflux Disorder / Heartburn (GORD)

Reflux is a painful disorder which causes pain in the throat after eating. This is because the muscle which divides the throat and the stomach isn't working properly, so food and acid in the stomach can go back up the throat.


Often people find this worse at night time when they are lying down, or after eating certain foods (spicy foods and caffeine are common triggers). Stress also impacts reflux, so watch your stress levels when you start having more symptoms. 

Reflux is a serious condition, and if left untreated it can cause a type of throat cancer. While you can get medication for reflux, finding your personal triggers is the best way to manage it long-term.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can occur for a number of reasons, one of which is inadequate intake in the diet. People who are vegan are vegetarian are at higher risk of developing iron deficiency. This is because iron is not as well absorbed from plant sources compared to animal sources. 

Increasing iron-rich foods in the diet (including iron-rich plant foods) can help to increase your iron levels over the long term. Food pairings are also important, for example, having iron rich food with vitamin C foods (or juice) will help you to absorb the iron in your foods.

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